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The World Collapses

January 8, 2018

The world collapses and Leftists speak about the problems as if they themselves had no part in creating them. It’s not as if high standards, love of country, stable religion and homogeneity wrought disaster upon the world. The more likely causes of the collapse are the Left’s destruction of the family, killing religion, decadence, self-hatred and inviting a flood of outsiders who have no concept of a free Western society.


Ruler, Ruled, Pretender, Honest, Charlatan and Fool

December 17, 2014

For every man that seeks to rule there are a thousand awaiting a ruler and for every ruler there are a thousand pretenders. For every honest man there are a thousand charlatans and for every charlatan there are a thousand gullible fools.


The Harm of Nothingness

May 23, 2014

There is a great harm that is inflicted upon mankind’s vitality from peasant man’s capacity for seeing great value in nothingness.

A Distinct Appeal to Nature for Annihilation

September 29, 2012

The choir of loving weakness always unknowingly advocates for its own destruction, you just have to let it sing its song and in every separate note you will hear a distinct appeal to nature for annihilation.

The Complacency of Minimums

April 10, 2012

The ideas that modern man calls evolved are in reality his over-polished excuses for why he has become worthless and incapable, he redefines his faults and shortcomings under a new light that shows himself as better but it is all veneer and nothing more. He knows this and he is embarrassed by the truth of it. He submits to the theater of his new farcical standards because it is easier to be content with putridity then to do the work necessary to become superior to his lesser self.

The world is awash in the complacency of minimums.

The Purveyors of Loving Weakness

April 10, 2012

The purveyors of loving weakness are charlatans who concoct illusions for the sake of their fragile domination over those more capable than themselves. It is all a lie to foster the equalization of the human spirit into absolute monotony.

The Deafening Cacophony of Decay

February 24, 2012

When everything is decaying and the loudest voices radiate from the layers of filth that are a remnant of what was once worthy, there is no authority that is valid.

The sewer dweller’s morality means absolutely nothing whether or not it is echoed endlessly by the growing horde of ignorance. The echo only confirms the total worthlessness of their design and if within the frenzy you were to hear something disparate, however faint, you would know it is closer to truth then the deafening cacophony.

The majority that instinctively follows the dark sermonizers who concoct doctrine with the aim of perpetuating the decay are nothing but infected drones, working toward an end that only hastens their doom even if they have no understanding of that fact.

Agreed upon delusion is still delusion regardless of the number of believers that call it right and install it as a prime tenet of their canon. In unison they redefine truth and by doing so they pollute truth and the mindless followers then lap it up and are happy that they are privy to the “New knowledge”. This “New Knowledge” is nothing more then the glorification of degeneration.

Oblivion is what they are invested in and happiness for the sane will be witnessing their fall and the reestablishment of the natural order.