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Endless Debate

June 30, 2009

Two men debate but all the while they only wish to destroy each other. The debate rages on and both feel they are right in their philosophy and that the other is invalid. These men being intractable refuse to bend. There is important work to be done and the men are mired in debate, the battle of words. What sense is there in this? Words only go so far, action is king. Endless debate becomes evasion of necessary energy expense and the necessary work that needs to commence; the endless debate becomes mere theatre.

The two men at their wits end release themselves from the bonds of words and proceed toward action and in so doing an outcome is reached and the victor moves on to his labors.

What nobility there is in debate becomes stripped away when subjected to excessive time and eventually becomes a shining example of the fear of conflict, fear of defeat and at minimum fear of damage. This fear is cowardice, as is exorbitant respect for the opponent.

All arguments can either be solved in debate or they can not and if they can not then action will decide.  The one who most fears action will suffer its effects first.

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