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Reality Unbound from a False Morality

August 25, 2009

Modern Western Societies like to put their high minded ideals above their survival.

A Western country would typically think it is better to hold true to an ethical code then to survive, especially if in order to achieve survival it becomes necessary to breach that ethical code.

A moral code that hinders in any way survival is no moral code at all but is a pseudo-moral code. It is a concoction of a lower element of mankind who has been, for whatever reason, separated from reality.

The placement of pseudo-moral codes in opposition to survival is not some high-minded devotion to integrity it is simply an adherence to a suicide pact. 

There can be no ethical code if there is no society in which it can exist.

Survival comes first; moral codes can only exist once survival has been secured.

A moral code, a devotion to ethics that have become lost in the world and separated from its originator resides only in the air and a whisper of a memory and as such is nothing more then history.

In the end, when faced with its early demise any viable sentient living thing will do what it must to survive, if it is incapable of doing this, it will perish.

Nature does not award survival points for intentions, she only judges results.

When the effete self-righteous are laid low by their enemies they have no entity to appeal to, no expectation that their ideals will save them and they now see that Nature is no ally. She accepts their penitent offerings of their own flesh with indifference.

Such is reality unbound from any false moral code.

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