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The Minders of the Tap

September 7, 2009

Governments create an excess of laws to manage the least capable elements at the expense of the most capable. There is some desire on the part of the administrators to stifle the capable so that they might preserve their job of governing the idiot many. Government administrators today see themselves as mothers to the infant horde and as such they coddle the incapable and these propagate under the protection of the gentle giving government mother.

But who are these administrators who manage lives with glee? They are the towering mediocre, those raised from the infant horde by the infant horde itself and they are placed to do one thing, continue the dole.

The minders of the tap, nothing more.

These administrators are not the quality of men who created Western Civilization, they are just the dull bureaucracy of chosen incapables who in their daily self-serving actions cause the diminishment of Western man’s vitality.

Originally posted on TROE 1/31/09

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