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Diminishing Momentum of Effete Cultures

September 8, 2009

Contrived maladies are exalted in a culture that is effete.

Western Civilization today exalts all the many contrived maladies and requires each be studied and that those afflicted be lifted up to a position of glorification as an indicator of tolerance for said abnormality. Tolerance being the ability to sprinkle praises upon that which, by the axioms of reality, would normally be cleaved off and allowed to wither away for the sake of the body politic in question.

Nothing inspirational derives from within when the soul has become putrid and therefore all value shifts to assorted afflictions usually contrived, either within the culture, of the person or out in the world.

There is then a dissection of the many contrived maladies and the society becomes consumed in the study, bogged down in the fabricated details, forgoing will and losing momentum.

Once momentum is lost justifications are made by those responsible for the faltering that on the one hand alleviates their culpability and on the other further propagates the problems and abnormalities.

A healthy society sees these contrived maladies for what they are and limits their ability to multiply and when necessary cuts them off and surely never glorifies them. A healthy society concentrates its energy on the advancement of its best parts not the empathetic wallowing of its atrophic worst.

Originally posted on TROE 2/11/09

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