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Within the Bowels of Socialism Lie the Chains of Slavery

September 9, 2009

Why is Socialism appealing to some? Why would a political philosophy of the abject appeal to those who once considered themselves men?

Because Socialism panders to the weakest and most corrupt parts of the human mind, it stokes a low desire that resides in the weakest elements to be free from exertion and it redefines this as virtue. Socialism allows the majority to throw off responsibility and become oblivious, to shed struggle for the greener pastures of an idiot bliss. Within the bowels of Socialism lie the chains of slavery and the weak are happy to enter and entwine themselves as long as it means they are free from the realities of the world, free to avoid the fundamental laws that govern man and earth.

To be infantilized by a catamite philosophy is not virtuous. To shun responsibility and to fear the failure of a valiant effort so much that slavery seems more acceptable is absolute proof for the lack of quality of the people in question.

Socialism is for the low and weak, for a defeated people who seek charity and it is detested by those who retain any vitality at all.

Socialism comes to those that deserve it.

Originally posted on TROE 2/18/09

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