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The Few Strong Against the Withering Many

September 14, 2009

The search of modern mankind to find purpose for their own lives in a singular person who they believe has come to make life better is a direct result of the diminishing quality of mankind in general. Only the weakest most pathetic man looks to another man to provide his personal salvation or even to a lesser degree his happiness. If you are waiting for someone to come and rescue you from yourself you are pathetic and of such a low quality as to be, and this is meant to be literal, subhuman. We are dealing with the dwindling quality of mankind to such a point that Western Civilization itself is on the edge of a great abyss and there is no one to pass the torch to.

If man is to devolve into an ape then there should at the very least be a last gasp of the strong against the withering many. An attempt must be made to hold back the rising tide. The last remaining elements of man must fight off the idiot horde.

Should Higher Man take up sword again, with a commitment to the overwhelming power that is justly his to wield, he would be unstoppable and the horde doomed.

Originally posted on TROE 2/21/09

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