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Bureaucracy and Those Who Cherish It

September 15, 2009

 The dull run governments and those who can’t make that grade work the bureaucracy and those even lower live under its will unknowing.

There is no vitality in a bureaucracy that is set up to serve man’s simplest needs but the true horror is the bureaucracy that works to fulfills man’s desires.

The indolent love bureaucracy because it distorts reality and separates a man from his responsibilities, it creates a wall that cloaks his weakness and allows him to wallow, and blaming the beast for interceding in what would have been his rise to glory.

The indolent one says,
What a burden, this bureaucracy to which I am tethered, had it not been for that clumsy thing the heights I could have reached. But alas I am facing the insurmountable obstacle, the indefatigable leveler, so I will atrophy here in my government provided sty. And yet as I speak I have this tingle inside me, the same feeling you get when you realize the pretty girl likes you, and my love of the man killing bureaucracy swells and swells till engorged I explode, ended and replaced by the sweet, loving, caring bureaucracy. Like a mechanical mother who breeds children, protects and feeds them and then sucks their blood for sustenance discarding the bodies like so much debris.

Originally posted on TROE 3/21/09

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