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Peasant Man Becomes Pleasure Seeker

September 15, 2009

The Lower elements of man find joy and satisfaction in trinkets and the fulfillment of base desires. Happiness to the lower elements of man is carnality temporarily satisfied, a process that repeats continually until death.

It is lower mans history as a peasant who having been denied his desires brings forth in modern democratic society the consummate pleasure seeker. The one who in the ceaseless search for pleasure is oblivious. This pleasure seeker is incapable of seeking greater truths or deriving pleasure from the pursuit of excellence and at the same time he is also ignorant of the Fundamental Structure of Earth’s Reality.

He does not understand the basics and he can not see the value in the pursuit for that which is beyond what is known. He is intermediary man in decline, lifted to his position by his ancestral betters and being there is content to fail.

Man was given a chance to become better, the peasant was relieved of his burden and offered knowledge and with his new found freedom to surpass his past self he sought out ease and ease alone. He lives an easier life today but he does not live at all.

Originally posted on TROE 4/02/09

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