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The New Deified Canon Brought Forth by the Thrall

September 27, 2009

Chants in feminine intonations are strewn about like so much trash, disturbed by the winds produced from angry peasant’s feet marching for causes that relegate all honor and rationality to the cesspool.

…. and they seek to bring forth a new world where bony creatures who before lie atrophied and dying in pools of filth now rise having undergone a metamorphosis.

They are the invertebrates, the incapable waifs risen anew and they are amassed deep in faulty formations ready to surge forth bringing with them the new doctrine. A doctrine of abysmal nonsense, which has now become deified canon.

They are the armies of thrall and their canon is absurdity manifest, they are the advancing malignancy who will perish once they have consumed the healthy host.

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