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The Fundamental Structure – Pride, Chaos and Strife

October 6, 2009

Pre note: Although this list contains the word “self”, it is meant to be taken more expansively. In this writing “self” can mean the individual, the community, the culture or the state.

1. Pride is an absolutely essential component of the noble man.

2. Pride, by its very nature, demands conflict with all else.

3. Life is conflict and the ability to sculpt chaos into something that is profitable to self is essential.

4. The conflict can either be within or without, it is best to force the conflict outward.

5. Inflict loss on all rivals and do so without remorse for remorse is conflict within self and a self at odds will falter.

6. Conflict with rivals is “purpose in action” and every purpose of the noble man is victory.

7. That which is without pride in self is stagnant and as such a caitiff and unworthy of continuance.

8. Stagnancy is not honorable and is “self without pride and purpose”; it is the defeatist malady.

9. Pride in self disallows stagnancy and assuages thrall sentiments.

10. Pride in self requires action and is not compatible with meekness. Meekness if for the caitiff.

11. Safety is established by forcing others to your will; be proactive or else acted upon.

12. Destruction of rivals produces safety, control of rivals produces safety to a lesser extent and equality with rivals ensures future conflict, the first to act causing loss to the other first and forcing him to a defensive position which lacks momentum.

13. Engaging in conflict is dangerous and can result in failure.

13. The noble man desires victory more then he fears defeat.

14. To fear defeat to the point of inaction is to be without pride.

15. Defeat is nature’s judgment against the less viable of two rivals.

16. Conflict is a near permanent state with only slight respites.

17. All peace is temporal.

18. Discord is natural, order is only sculpted chaos.

19. Only the strong are capable of sculpting chaos.

20. The weak live happily in whatever state they are born into and thus are not noble.

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