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The Fundamental Structure – Vitality, Power and Competition

October 16, 2009

Vitality produces a desire for action and competition, this is why a constant peace is unrealistic.

If however there was a population that was completely coddled and without any sense of honor, peace could very well exist but then what sentient creature would subscribe to that situation let alone consider it a utopia.

Only a lobotomized thrall society could live in absolute tranquility. But even then there would be masters, someone responsible for managing all the slaves and the masters would eventually disrupt the peace in pursuit of power.

The reality is that “Man seeks power” and only now in this era is that considered an abhorrent sin. Man’s true nature is denied for no other reason then to please the disposition of the modern effeminate man, the one who stands atop thousands of years of his ancestor’s labor, like a rotten cherry.

The higher elements of man know that the “pursuit of power” is magnificent even if that pursuit, at times, fosters chaos. He knows that action and competition take energy and only that which is healthy can pursue these means.

Man is at his best when he is struggling to better himself and he does not do this by submitting to indolence, he does this by pursuing competition with his rivals and upon achieving victory taking his deserved spoils.

Only in his quest to subdue his rivals is his purpose brought forth and recognized.

The glorification of the meek is justification of failure, a common trait of effete societies.

The putrefied remnants of man can not be allowed to dictate morality especially while true man still walks the earth.

All the greatest things come from competition.

The incapable fall to the capable, the meek are all that they can be and this is original justice, it is fundamental regardless of whatever pseudo-morality is used to try and blot it out.

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