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Western Destiny

October 21, 2009

Occidental World, in times to come remember the following:

Surrounded by enemies, there comes a time when your end is sought by so many disparate forces that hope seems useless. Fear eats away at your soul, sapping all energy and this fear causes your muscles to freeze and you find yourself locked in numbness, unable to act.

This is the moment that sets men apart, this is the time when everything that remains in you must be focused toward a violent explosion of rage, this is the time that will bring your end or the time your fury brought you through.

When surrounded and all hope is lost, find in yourself the ability to risk everything and with whatever energy remains destroy as many enemies as possible until you can fight no more.

Now your future is in the hands of fate, so let it be and if nature sees fit she will grant you the power to consume your enemies. Destroy your way to survival or die trying but never submit no matter how futile it may seem.

Victory is granted to those who refuse anything less.

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