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The Plebiscite Subverted

October 28, 2009

What is a plebiscite if there is no minimum qualification or scrutiny of the individual’s validity but a horde of perpetual pleasure-seekers pursuing fulfillment of their own particular fleeting lust?

Qualification associated with corporeal vested interest should be necessary. This could be defined as property owned, blood spilled or time spent, nevertheless a vested interest should be a minimum standard, not merely the ability to draw breath.

This notion that every being with a heartbeat should have equal weight is infantile and unrealistic not to mention dangerous because it creates a situation whereby the uninterested and unconnected amassed together under a banner of “welfare demands” can take from those who have a direct actual interest beyond state provided ease.

It is a lowly state of man where the ineffectual can legally take from the energetic producers. It is an irrational situation where reality becomes inverted and the plebiscite becomes only an implement to be used by the steered, unproductive and destructive horde.

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