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The Virulent Slave Mentality

November 8, 2009

The Quality of man is diminishing and I have made this argument before but what is astounding is the way in which this modern lower man has become so completely bound to the slave mentality. This mentality has always existed, it has given us things like socialism and communism, but to see free people, Western people, so happy to give their freedom away and to see them fall into the arms of demagogues and to rely on bureaucrats to make their lives better, it just shows how low man has fallen.

The Slave mentality is that of the weak man, the man who fears life so much that he is willing to give it to another who can guide him along, but there are no omniscient gods on earth who can lead a man to a perfect life there are only those who enslave the weak and those who fear the strong.

You either have dominion over your own self or you do not, you can not be a free man and also a supplicant. You are either a free man who is responsible for himself or you are a slave who is looked after, there is no goddamn middle ground, and those who speak of some middle ground are only justifying bondage.

“Let me tell you what to do with your life, let me control you, let me show you what is best for you because I care for you and want you to be happy”, the words of the pimp looking to whore out your soul for their own profit. This is the same person that will stab you in the back and leave you for dead should that option prove more advantageous. And this is the man you look to guide you, this is a noble way of life, this is a system that is best for governing man?

This slave mentality that allows men to relinquish responsibility for their own fate for that of ease and comfort is disgusting and ignoble.

I would rather be free, homeless, dirty and poor then a cared for slave in a glorious palace and the man who steps before me seeking my freedom best be prepared to meet his maker.

The weak man fears the reality in which we live, a reality where failure is a possibility. He fears the possibility of failure so much that he wants to ensure success and the price he is willing to pay is his freedom, – this is the slave mentality.

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  1. David permalink
    January 1, 2010 11:43 am

    Slavery is inescapable. It is the way that God designed the world. Men are either slaves of God or slaves to sin.

    Slavery to God is where true freedom and liberty abound. It is when we are freed from the curse of sin to worship the one true God that all the activities of life fall into their proper perspective. It is when men put to death their sinful passions by the sanctifying work of God, that progress and economic and political liberty follow

    Sinful men think that liberty, freedom, and progress are to be found apart from God. No sooner do they reject the worship of the one true God, then they erect false gods and serve them.

    Today we see the consequences. Men who will not be governed by God will be governed by their sinful passions. As men become given over to sin, they become incapable of governing themselves and turn increasingly towards tyrants that are quite ready and willing to govern with a heavy hand. The result is always the end of liberty and economic freedom and a headlong fall into the abyss of statism.

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