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Tolerance of the Void

November 25, 2009

Can there be hope that man will find his way when he is confounded by boundless bureaucracies set up by half-men to stifle his betters? Can man cast off his ignorance and insatiable need for conformity so that he might become something better then he thinks he can be? Can man come to see that what he is now is not the pinnacle of his progression?

The answer is clear, NO!
Or at least not as a whole.

It is obvious that man is stratified and that the majority seeks ease above all else and thus they are incapable of forcing man forward. There is a very sparse minority who are capable and their numbers are dwindling and before they perish from the earth they must make an attempt for survival and then force a move beyond.

When man can finally embrace the idea that the incapable must be allowed to fall and that the capable must be encouraged to ascend we will know man has broken free from the waning plateau he has inhabited for so long. We will know man has evolved beyond tolerance of the void.

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