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What Culture Shall Reign?

December 7, 2009

What culture shall reign? What will the liberal ethos permit to be taken away as an offering of tolerance?

A society is built by those who reside within it, culture is hewed by investment of time, generations of contributions for the sake of prosperity that passes on to posterity.

Today it is considered ethical to give away what has been built, to give the results of one man’s labor to another and subsequently claim it is a necessary act of penance for success however similar to attrition it may seem.

All that blood and sweat expended to let others come here and make it their own and thus show how tolerant and thoughtful we are.

I see my land before me and there I see where my grandfather spilled his blood and on that very spot will rise the minaret and the call will resound, beautiful to some but in my ear it sounds like death.

What sense is there in submitting before the fight? Why lose everything for some putrid notion of tolerance? The Liberal ethos is a cancer.

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