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The Bounds of Responsibility

December 14, 2009

There is a myriad of voices that can be heard among the ruins of progress and order, the late comers who have arrived in order to partake, and they call out for their god given rights, but what rights are god given and not confirmed and defended by men?

If a man has unassailable rights and yet can not defend himself then in reality he has no rights and he and his rights are far from unassailable.

What responsibility is there for man to secure the rights of his weaker elements? He has no such responsibility beyond what is his and what he chooses to secure. Morality may dictate but nature cares not, in nature force is supreme.

The point is not how it should be but how it is.

A person can philosophize and develop high ideals but what does that matter when someone can come along and take everything away from you? What do lofty ideals secure? The large brain only exists as a consequence of the large fist.

Within the bounds of strength, an umbrella provided by those who wield force, do the incapable screech about rights and how benevolence is a virtue.

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