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Nature Can Not Abide Mercy for the Languid

January 5, 2010

The soul crushing Bureaucratic Superstructure is a consequence of the devolving quality of man. For many decades weakness, in all its different forms, has grown inside man like a cancer.

As man becomes less capable he requires more care, being fearful he surrounds himself with a massive superstructure so that he is cocooned and in this slavish state he believes he in safe.

What some neutered intellectual would call the advance of civilization anyone with the self-respect of a chimp would call slavery. The festering wound which results from the damage caused by absolute weakness.

Fear of living, fear of making decisions, fear of failure have all caused man to turn from reality and dwell in the house of delusion.

Man is becoming separated from his viability and his weakness is a proclamation to nature, in resounding chorus, that he is ready for her to bring justice down upon him in the form of death.

The Bureaucratic Superstructure is the proclamation and nature always hears the sounds of the wounded, she can not abide mercy for the languid.

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