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Feminine Command

January 29, 2010

It is the feminine voice that proclaims the coming of the overweening bureaucratic superstructure, that all-powerful entity that to her is at once parent, lover, counselor, confidant and provider. The modern woman clears a path for it so that it may precede forward and in turn fulfill her dreams of comfort. She desires mediocrity, blandness and weakness and to take her place within the machine as a simple cog, and all this with a bit of excitement in the form of an occasional dalliance with altruism.

What words could make her realize the error of her ways? None that any free man would speak, she only takes the slave’s word to heart.

In the superstructure she finds comfort because she thinks she has a voice, and as such she offers herself up to the beast. She is lost!

What man allows this? Modern man does and for the reasons he gives for every other of his failures: Equality, Tolerance and Fairness, the inestimable license to remain impotent.

When men abandon command and offer up the reins to woman, what you get is a hideous display of absurdity.

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