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The Modern Bureaucracy Exists to Maintain Itself

February 2, 2010

The servile beast wades through the filth of bureaucracy and there finds solace. Entangled in endless minutia, surrounded by a myriad of inefficiencies, he is cloaked and his inadequacy goes unnoticed. The system is made up of thousands upon thousands of lifeless drones like these and they are the management class for modern Western Civilization.

Whosoever possesses ability and wishes to apply energy toward the struggle for achievement, to challenge fate and to battle mediocrity, must use force to move aside the chaff because the managed system is set up specifically to deny impetus. The modern bureaucracy exists to maintain itself; it eats the desire, the ability and the labors of others.

If mankind has a purpose beyond “The Endless Pursuit of Comfort” and “Super Consumerism”, this purpose must exist on the other side of the modern bureaucracy. One must fall, either the overly managed, inefficient, energy eating government or mankind.

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