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Darkness falls on the House of Man

March 10, 2010

What modern man finds to be fulfilling is ease. In a state of ease he is unburdened and can follow his desires to the end. Whatever diverts him from this pursuit is an annoyance. If the world outside is crumbling and he is not forced into action and if he can remain at ease, he will. He may peer out his window and know the darkness will soon fall on his house but he will not act until disaster is upon him, until he has no other option.

Some men are reactive and some are proactive and when it comes to the dimming of the Western Light modern man prefers to be reactive, to wait until the darkness is upon his house. Why risk ease, he says, surely I will long since have perished before the darkness falls on my house, damn be the progeny.

Darkness, though, has a way of appearing further off then it is and ease is nothing but a temporary reprieve in an ever turbulent world.

What man desires, once achieved, is what destroys him, but, knowing this, he must force himself beyond his desires. Man must ascend beyond himself to some new state where he can recognize that once successful the work is not finished, that enemies never fade away but just bide their time. He must be able and willing to expend his energy for his own preservation. He must seek out that which plans his doom before that doom be upon him.

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