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And Ash To the Wind

March 15, 2010

There are macro-systems created and maintained by those that profit from them and profit is attainable only if, “what is”, remains.

These systems control the flow of power, ideas and life in general. No one lives detached from them.

And we, like a snake pursuing its own tail, seeing opportunity, struggling and laboring toward attainment and if successful in the pursuit, consuming ourselves as is designed, think us well.

Beyond this apparatus, beyond “what is”, resides the real intention.

Having dismantled the mirrored hall and ascending into the light, what is actual awaits and those that profit from the continual loop will be abandoned and left to exert their own energy in their own cause. They will adapt or they will perish and ability alone will determine a new type of man.

Destiny will weed out the ineffectual and release the burden to fire and the fire to ash and ash to the wind.


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