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A Conglomerate Wrecking Ball

May 28, 2010

The incapable have co-opted society and transformed it in their own likeness, they have redefined civilization as simply a structure that is set up to protect the less fortunate at the expense of those they see as the fortunate but who are in reality more capable. These nominal men insist on equality but meanwhile seek special privileges, they demand strength be regulated while weakness be subsidized, they seek protections in their every pursuit but deny others the right to seek excellence.

They, the weak incapable multitude, are by virtue of their massive numbers a conglomerate wrecking ball, smashing anything and anyone who denies them their expectations. They continually grow in number but at the same time degenerate into a vapid, soulless, idle mass that drags down the very quality of mankind. Their endless advocacy for their own avoidance of anything resembling responsibility degrades Man’s position by lowering the standards he sets for himself. They know their efforts will eventually bring them victory but they don’t even know what that victory would look like, and yet they fight on.

You see, the incapable masses are not dangerous because they seek all power and control over the capable, they are dangerous because if they were to achieve their victory the consequence would be the absolute regression of Mankind into complete nothingness. When the incapable masses consume society they do not achieve victory, rather, they end that which supports them and as such unknowingly bring on their own destruction. They are voracious consumers of Man’s energy and of good, they despise mankind and deny what is right and obvious and all this for their own gratification.

What is most dangerous is that which in righteous indignation pursues its own satisfaction and in so doing destroys everyone else’s opportunity.


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