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Original Justice Will Return

June 30, 2010

The strong and vigorous must compete, they must challenge and be challenged and drive their force in and through all obstacles, it is a necessity for them. One can not be strong and vigorous and remain ensconced in a deep form fitted ass-print on their couch in front of the television. Humbleness, equality, fairness, tolerance, these are all the babblings of the sickly, those that lack power and wish to avoid the pursuit of excellence in favor of ease. Endless competition is reality, those who participate may find victory but those that shirk will surely be forced to accept degradation. The strong cherish their honor, the sickly and numb trade it on a whim for trinkets, wine and ass.

The law code may protect the incapables, dignifying their continual corruption, but nothing written in ink lasts forever. As hard as the midgetry tries, reality can not be held off forever, original justice will one day return.

Original Justice: Primeval Impartiality, one of the governing laws of nature. A neutrality that can not be debated with or coerced. The original core reality.

Core Realities: Core Realities are the truths that exist and have always existed and will forever exist. They are the not so pretty truths that don’t fit well into feminized modern society, the necessities, the essential solutions, they are a synthesis of brutal natural truths and what must be done to deal with those brutal natural truths.

Original Justice Will Return
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