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The Man of Withered Promise Who Went to Question God

July 4, 2010

There was a man who in early life had held so much promise for a bright future but for whatever reason that promise had withered away. At the age of forty-five the man was bitter and angry, he had always tried so hard to achieve and yet fortune evaded him.

So much labor, so many hours wrestling fate, so many battle scars and so much hate.

The man blamed god and decided to go on a journey to find him and so he sold all he had and went away to achieve his purpose.

Through many years and much travail the man did wade on a journey to question god as to the reason for his fate.

At last, many years lost, the man found god and climbed high to look into his very eye, and there staring at his eye he saw his own reflection but then beyond, deep within, he saw what is not meant to be seen – a vault for bewilderment.
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