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Sanctuary in Ignorance

August 10, 2010

The way of the world is set out before the eye and all who can see are capable of understanding what is fundamental. The truth, however, can be ugly and as such certain people raise up screens to project what they want to see, covering what they don’t with something more saccharine, something that better suits their disposition.

This is the denial of reality and wouldn’t be so dangerous if it wasn’t for the fact that these people develop their worldview based not on reality but these saccharine fantasies or alternate realities.

Additionally this denial of reality is the view of the majority and thus permeates the human mentality; few can see what is obvious even in its simplest form.

Frustration belongs to the lone man who can see what is before him when those around him refuse to.

When confronted with harsh reality these people refuse to acknowledge it, they deny what is obvious turning toward their shoddily constructed fantasies where they find sanctuary in ignorance.

And such is the world and the proliferation of problems that could be solved if confronted yet will reign over the lives of men forever.

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