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The Vitality to Build Ideas

September 4, 2010

Modern man has had the vitality drained from him. He is being softened by design. Ease is his highest ideal now. Having been denigrated relentlessly, his masculine self is withering and it is his masculine and virile self that is the part of him that is responsible for nearly everything. No matter what else, to secure his spot he must fight and risk death, he must vie for power and destroy his enemies.

Compared to war, all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance, -G.S. Patton.

The virile masculine self has ideas and then the courage to spill enough blood, as much as is necessary, to put those ideas into action. He can not build his ideas and secure his existence by being accommodating and sniveling.

Everything now is feminine bureaucracy and all bureaucracy is feminine.

All superstructure bureaucracies are nothing more then life support for failing societies, societies void of the energy that comes from masculine vitality, that thing that the ignorant call cruel.

Pathetic feminine bureaucracy does not create the great nations it only manages their demise. Equality, tolerance and fairness are ideals that develop behind the guarded wall. On the other side, where danger is ever-present and death looms large these ideals do not exist because they are unnatural. They require a special environment that can only be found under the feminine bureaucracy.

Only because men are fighting to protect the wall can the effete intellectual sit back in safety and criticize, only behind the wall can men become soft and feminized. Behind the wall is the womb and gestating there is the eventual demise.

The very reason no society has ever maintained its rise is because success breeds ease and ease allows people to be weak and yet survive and breed. These people crave the feminine bureaucracy where their lack of quality can go unnoticed giving rise to an ever more effete people, detached from the masculine vitality that made them successful. Once the society atrophies beyond the point of return it disintegrates leaving behind only bones that bleach white and crumble under the harsh light of the indomitable sun.

You could probably determine the remaining lifespan of a society by analyzing how many restrictions have been created to constrain the natural male will to power. The more constraints imposed by a feminine bureaucracy the closer the society is to its end. The more a society rejects what is natural the more they move into the realm of fantasy and fantasy holds no sway over nature.

What will be done will be done and the harshness and brutality of nature will never relent regardless of what pseudo-philosophy is used to obscure reality.

Great minds, created behind the wall, when bashed open by the invaders, smear and rot back into the earth that same as every other, only the drive to overcome and those who do the work, keep those fattened minds atop puny bodies unmarred, unyoked and safe.

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