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Singing the Hymn of Death

October 18, 2010

Man speaks of freedom but in reality he fears what freedom may require of him.

His weakest element loves noble and righteous platitudes more then noble and righteous deeds.

Weak men are loudest when defining what is virtuous, they are fanatical in the quest to transform virtue to better suit their lack of quality.

Old virtue to them is outdated because they cannot measure up, thus they must ridicule what shames them and recreate the world in their own image.

Breeding-in weakness may make for a more innocuous society but it also makes one that totally lacks energy, one that is entirely effete.

When man finds his purpose in trinkets, wine and ass (the Pursuit of Comfort) he is singing the hymn of death to nature and she listening is more than willing to acquiesce to his demand.

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