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The Light-Consuming Leviathan

December 10, 2010

The Nominal man sees his purpose as bound only to his temporal gratification, he can not see beyond his own horizon, he is entrenched in today and lives despite tomorrow and as such he is purposeless. He is incapable of comprehending a sacrifice today profiting him in the future. A man without purpose is one without pride, and therefore his mind desires peace so as to maintain the status quo, to cement the here and now in mediocrity. In mediocrity he goes about unnoticed, nothing is asked of him, he just pursues comfort endlessly and when that chase becomes wearisome he attacks the superstructure that coddles him. This attack however is just for show because he truly does not want to damage the thing that supports his existence, it is just a momentary demonstration of residual individualism.

Nominal man in the past was the peasant man, the man who was directed by the aristocracy. Today there is no aristocracy and no guidance for the Nominal man and as such he flounders in life. Nominal man and the lower elements of man are not meant to dictate the trajectory of mankind, they only burden the higher elements of man and thus stagnate his Ascent.

The peasant man of the past is today the lackluster class, it’s not that he doesn’t want something better he just does not want to sacrifice today for something better tomorrow. There is nothing noble in pallid living, it may not cause direct harm, on an individual level, but it does en masse. The aristocrat of the soul, higher man, can not maintain mediocrity and live contently, he sees this as a dishonorable state of man, a state that is beneath him.

There are different types of men for sure, not all can be creative and vigorous, but this Nominal man should not hold sway over society just because he is the most numerous. This is what socialism, communism, egalitarianism, civil rights movements are, that is to say, the massing together of Nominal men to create a show of force so that they can receive the benefits of the industrious without having to go out and earn them themselves.

The rise of liberalism is the weak willed rise of the Nominal man. In all its forms it is insidious and destructive, it is an inversion of the laws of nature, of reality, and everyone that possesses the slightest sense of logic knows it can not be maintained indefinitely, they know that the fist of nature corrects all ills in time.

The Nominal man, numerous and ever coalescing, subverting souls, becomes a singular dense mass much like a black hole, and it sucks into itself the light of the world leaving behind only darkness. This light-consuming leviathan is the primary adversary of Ascendant man.

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