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January 4, 2011

This world and the lives that pass through it play out in endless rivalries regardless of what petty philosophy one holds dear.

Doctrines alone make for poor armor.

Man is a part of nature, she sends him against his fellows to do her work.

Everything is a rival to every other thing. Alliances are temporary and superficial and that which speaks of the cessation of struggle is utopian, irrational.

Competition is glorious, victory sweet and failure a lesson, a lesson based in the truth of this world devoid of metaphysics.

Ultimate courage is taking on the challenge when victory is not guaranteed, knowing that death waits to grasp the hand of the defeated.

You can not circumvent competition, you can lie down before it, but you can not wish it into nonexistence.

Little girls safe in their bedrooms, protected by father, know nothing of reality even though it lurks outside their door. Little girls have an excuse to know nothing of reality, men do not.

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