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The Indignity of the Ignominious

February 4, 2011

The cadence of the ignominious is the metronome of our time. The past has seen such things before but our time is different, saturated from fringe to core, dripping in gross hypocrisy. To rise above seems noble but immersed in the times one must not flee but live the times and confront them head on. There is no acceptance of diminishment and degeneracy then flight or avoidance toward some dignified beyond. Things must be done that we would rather not do, the dirt of these days stains all. Once we have done what is necessary we can be purified again though our souls still bear the marks that can not be so easily washed away. We will know that these marks are not signs of a blackening soul but scars that were earned in battle. These scars will be justified by the times. We adjust the very construct to meet our demands. We design our own destiny and do what we must to reset the paradigm.

The world has become muted and populated by shadows, a self-consuming system like a serpent devouring itself. The indignity of the ignominious is a cancer that ceaselessly works toward destruction, pulling everything good down with it and we allow it to gestate within a warm regard that is based on a limitless hollow.

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