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The Peasant Ethos of Putrefaction

March 15, 2011

Today, nearly everything that is considered “popular culture” is an expression of the peasant mentality and what stands in for high culture is a fraud.

Higher man has been eradicated and the upper echelon of chaff has taken his spot, using his name but not measuring up. He is only a play actor, a comedic representation of something he does not even have the ability to imitate poorly.

The peasant mentality corrupts every single thing it has the ability to comprehend and in the void left by higher man what the peasant mind can not comprehend perishes.

If there is some good it is only because it can only be judged against what exists now, not what has existed or what the struggle for excellence could force into existence. Filth is no great measuring stick and yet anything that has the slightest gleam looks exceptional by comparison.

Wave upon wave of senseless absurdity, endlessly crashing upon a barren shore.

There is no fruit that will rot because there is no tree, there is no seed, and there is no renewal or cycle of life. There is but a horde of ignorance and behind it only trodden soil salted with their putrefying ethos.

Now the Peasant mentality fills all roles in the great stage show, slave and master are one and you can see that there is an inherent chaos the peasant mentality produces when its self-expression is unhindered.


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