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Manipulation of the Horde To What End

April 17, 2011

The horde will do what it pleases unless regulated by an outside entity willing to apply a greater force against the horde than the horde can apply against it.

The horde can go nowhere but down without being regulated. It is better to let the horde run its course to ruin then to endlessly waste resources maintaining it or to regulate it by half-measures that are in reality a facade of control meant to make both parties feel content.

It is now known that overt overweening regulation is a waste of resources; the horde is what it is. Absolute force, and the endless control that it entails, costs too much and is self destruction by other means.

Stratification by natural selection is necessary and in line with the reality of human nature and the world. Let go and allow the churning waters to settle into layers naturally, let a man be where he is meant to be, let him settle where his quality dictates. If, by his own means, he can rise to great heights, let him. But also if he sinks to the lowest levels, let him remain there as well. From exosphere to the deepest rift of the ocean floor, he is where he is meant to be. Do not deny him movement and certainly do not place him.

To construct a designed world is to destroy Liberty no matter how lightly the laws created say the yoke be placed.

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