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The Deafening Cacophony of Decay

February 24, 2012

When everything is decaying and the loudest voices radiate from the layers of filth that are a remnant of what was once worthy, there is no authority that is valid.

The sewer dweller’s morality means absolutely nothing whether or not it is echoed endlessly by the growing horde of ignorance. The echo only confirms the total worthlessness of their design and if within the frenzy you were to hear something disparate, however faint, you would know it is closer to truth then the deafening cacophony.

The majority that instinctively follows the dark sermonizers who concoct doctrine with the aim of perpetuating the decay are nothing but infected drones, working toward an end that only hastens their doom even if they have no understanding of that fact.

Agreed upon delusion is still delusion regardless of the number of believers that call it right and install it as a prime tenet of their canon. In unison they redefine truth and by doing so they pollute truth and the mindless followers then lap it up and are happy that they are privy to the “New knowledge”. This “New Knowledge” is nothing more then the glorification of degeneration.

Oblivion is what they are invested in and happiness for the sane will be witnessing their fall and the reestablishment of the natural order.

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