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What Type of Man Will Save Western Civilization?

January 14, 2012

It won’t be the politically correct effete intellectual that saves Western Civilization from destruction, it will be the type that pisses on the corpses of those he has defeated, the one that couldn’t care less about what polite society considers appropriate, the one who others crawl behind when all the talk has ended and the time for action is at hand.


Fear of Reality in Favor of Fantasy

November 11, 2011

Modern man hates reality and he proves this time again by his actions, his complete rebuff of what is evident in favor of his delusion.

Everything he does is filtered of truth and laced with the lies he has designed for himself.

He is consumed with denying every axiom for the soft tranquility of fantasy.

He has systematically dissected his own soul and cast it aside thinking that once liberated from the burden of it he will be free from concern.

The escapist does not live he only imitates life and as such he does not exist.

Where the soul was he now places endless lies and he resides as a slave to the fantasy he has created for himself, trapped within a cloud of complete ignorance.

When the fantasy can no longer shield out reality he becomes bewildered.

He has devalued himself by discarding his soul and his bewilderment eventually becomes continual suffering.

Reality will not be ignored forever and his suffering is the reoccurrence of reality back into his fake life, piercing the thin membrane of his shoddily constructed fantasy.

Man can give in and sink into the darkness of a continued peaceful psychosis or turn toward the light of reality and never-ending rivalry.

His suffering can pull him back into existence and lift away the veil of unreality or ruin him completely.

True freedom walks hand in hand with great danger, everything that matters is fateful.


October 2, 2011

The stupidest bureaucrat is always willing to tell you what you should say or how you should think, but bureaucrats are menial thinkers and only reiterate what they have been told to say. Their entire world is words and sentences scrutinized and cleared of bothersome truth in the acid bath of political correctness. Some of the worst human beings are bureaucrats, quintessential vapid blobs of nothingness, mere blank slates upon which their masters paste the codified idiocy of the bureaucratic superstructure.

[Original M.H. # 74]

All Safety is Secured by Force

June 3, 2011

All safety is secured by force whether you are the one implementing it or you live under the one who does, oblivious.

A Passive World

June 3, 2011

A passive world is a peaceful one but only if fate smothers all ambition and what would the world be without ambition but the decaying stillness that awaits all after their time.

Rubric Six

May 12, 2011

Had the Levantine curse not beset Western Man he would be a thousand years advanced.

Masses of Moralizing Eunuchs

April 21, 2011

What is right should not be determined by masses of moralizing eunuchs. These limp echelons, sent out into the world, are no real threat to those who do not fear to challenge the pretense of strength.

The blood of the effete sissy runs when pierced by harsh looks alone, flowing slow, pink and watery till completely drained while bony fingers grasp dingy morality manuals and philosophical tracts, held high for protection from the forceful blows of reality.

Wads of bound paper are no defense for a putrid soul, a shallow mind and an atrophying body. In the advocacy of total weakness – as some kind of more modern evolved and virtuous human you find the putrid soul absolutely, the shallow mind assuredly, and the atrophying body highly likely.

There is no deep contemplation to the abrogation of nature’s ultra practical law in favor of ease and debauchery no matter how sublimely theoretical it may seem. In the end it is nothing but words, the masses of eunuchs will never prevail. A cancer having ravaged a body perishes with its victim. There is no overthrow of nature to come by way of the thoughts and scribblings of small men, only their inevitable annihilation. The Fist of Nature corrects all ills in time.

  • “A world that deceives itself as to the truth of reality is likely to experience the fist of nature firsthand and that fist never brings forth offerings of friendship or reconciliation but only a terrible force of a type that can not be opposed, an implacable power that returns all invalid life to the dirt.”