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The Politician in an Edenic Society
Hammer Versus Whispers

1. The Politician in an Edenic Society
2. Hammer Versus Whispers
3. Endless Debate
4. Securing Existence is Primary
5. Egoistic Survival
6. Reality Unbound from a False Morality
7. Atheism is a Religion
8. The Sweet Taste of an Awful Medicine
9. The Minders of the Tap
10. Diminishing Momentum of Effete Cultures
11. Within the Bowels of Socialism Lie the Chains of Slavery
12. The Few Strong Against the Withering Many
13. The Spell has Been Cast
14. Hollow Drones
15. Bureaucracy and Those Who Cherish It
16. Peasant Man Becomes Pleasure Seeker
17. The Disciples of Self-Indulgence
18. Be Hailed for Your Tolerance
19. And What of the World
20. The Realities of Socialism
21. College for Everyone
22. The New Deified Canon Brought Forth by the Thrall
23. The Fundamental Structure – Pride, Chaos and Strife
24. The Fundamental Structure – Vitality, Power and Competition
25. Western Destiny
26. Rubric Three
27. The Plebiscite Subverted
28. The Virulent Slave Mentality
29. The Altruistic Do-gooder
30. Tolerance of the Void
31. Subsidization of the Lower Elements Man
32. What Culture Shall Reign?
33. The Bounds of Responsibility
34. In Violence
35. Nature Can Not Abide Mercy for the Languid
36. Rubric Four
37. Allegory of the Sheltered Man
38. Feminine Command
39. The Modern Bureaucracy Exists to Maintain Itself
40. The Dominion of Lower Man
41. Darkness falls on the House of Man
42. And Ash To the Wind
43. The Necessity Withheld
44. Equality Lesson
45. The Reality of Man on Earth
46. Nominal Man’s Judgment of Himself
47. A Parallel
48. Force Determines Destiny
49. A Conglomerate Wrecking Ball
50. Original Justice Will Return
51. The Man of Withered Promise Who Went to Question God
52. Fear Reality / Hide in Depravity
53. The Battle that Never Was
54. A Priori – A Posteriori
55. History Comes to Us Through Filters
56. Rubric Five
57. The Laden Truth is No Truth at All
58. Sanctuary in Ignorance
59. The Poisoned Scent of Gratis Ease
60. The Vitality to Build Ideas
61. She is Artifice
62. The Farthest Extent of Nature’s Justice
63. Singing the Hymn of Death
64. The Meek Are All They Can Be
65. The Light-Consuming Leviathan
66. Rival
67. Cherish the Fight
68. The Indignity of the Ignominious
69. Peasant Ethos of Putrefaction
70. Manipulation of the Horde To What End
71. Masses of Moralizing Eunuchs
72. Rubric Six
73. A Passive World
74. All Safety is Secured by Force
75. Bureaucrats
76. Fear of Reality in Favor of Fantasy
77. What Type of Man Will Save Western Civilization?
78. The Deafening Cacophony of Decay
79. The Purveyors of Loving Weakness
80. The Complacency of Minimums
81. A Distinct Appeal to Nature for Annihilation
82. The Harm of Nothingness
83. Ruler, Ruled, Pretender, Honest, Charlatan and Fool
84. The World Collapses

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